Address:Lvivska obl., Zhovkivskyy r-n, s. Mervychi, vul. Kulykivska, 1
Phone number: +38 (067) 8749935

LLC ”EXIM FOOD” specializes in the production of meat products, from the stage of fattening pork - to the collapse of half-carcass.

The European system of quality control of the products of the HASSP has been introduced at the enterprise.

”EKSIM FOOD” offers for wholesale:
- Meat: tanks without skin, boneless beetle, bone marrow, stripping, shovel, pinch, rib, trimming (80/20), carcass, fillet cut, ham (ham), neck
- SALO: fatty lateral, fatty spine
- SUBSTRATES: ears, head, bone from the rib, scapular bone, vertebrate bone, cervix, lungs, liver, brain, kidneys, legs, liver, spleen, heart, trachea, tails, skin, stomachs, tongue
- FARSH: Kozieglowy (Poland), krak-tol (Poland), Pinzone (Germany), Woloshyn (Poland)